Our partners

Without our partners and sponsors, to support the Aarhus Open 2014 - the competitions would be much less of an experience. We therefore thank our partners and sponsors for their collaboration.

Help us support our sponsors too.

Sport Aarhus Events


The event support organization of the city of Aarhus.

Sport Event Denmark



 The Danish national event support organisation


The international WDSF and Danish DS dance sport federations.

Europamesterskaberne i Latin

European Latin Championships

March 28th 2015

As soon as the full program is available, you can find it here on the website.

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About Aarhus Dance

Aarhus Dance brings you great dance events in Aarhus Denmark.

We wish to bring you the greatest competition events in the world!

We hope that you will enjoy and participate!.

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Images from past events in Aarhus

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Participate - make competitions better

At Aarhus Dance we value your input to make dancing events even better - for competitor and spectators. If you would like to participate in answering a few questions or if you have innovative or exciting ideas to improve future events, please click the Participate button below. There are prizes to earn/win!


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